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What types of paint do you use?


I use only professional quality cosmetic paints. Paradise, Fab, Global, Tag, and Wolfe. I also use cosmetic grade glitters that are safe to use around sensitve areas like the eye. 

Are you a professional?

Yes! This is my full time job and I am a state certified makeup artist and I have been doing balloons for two years.


Can you offer special designs that go with the theme of my event?


Yes! From princesses and ninja turtles to Dr. Suess we can do themes for all of our services including face painting, balloons, and tattoos.


How many kids can you paint/how many balloons can you make per hour?


That depends on the complexity of design. Most of my designs take around 4-6 minutes per child. I also offer speed painting for larger charity or public events up to 50 kids per hour for simple designs. Balloons are similar. Five minutes for super cool designs, 2-3 minutes for two-three balloon designs, or up to 50 kids per hour for single balloon designs.


What are your rates?


 Packages can be found on our new website. 


What is the recommended age for face paint?


All ages! Younger kids, three and under, usually get a quick stencil design on the cheek or hand . Some kids have more patience than others ;) Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas are also encouraged to get painted. 















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